Weird ways I use webmail

I use webmail in all sorts of weird ways.  Pat says I am just weird… but really he knows that there are other people who do some of the same advanced things with webmail that I do.  And there are many people who do even crazier things than me.  We are power users.  And we come in all sorts.

There is no "typical customer" in our business.  There is no such thing as an "average user".  Even basic users all seem to have their own unique habits and use email in their own unique way.  It is very interesting trying to create a product that can meet such diverse demands.

Some of the things that I do are:

I have 18 separate Tasks lists to track just about everything from MP3s that I want to download, to future projects for my team.

I put numbers in front of each of my Tasks, because we can’t sort by priority yet.

I have 54 mail folders, most nested several levels deep.  And I have 86 filtering rules to make sure that mail gets delivered directly to one of those folders.  (is this really that weird?)

I store notes inside of emails within my Drafts folder, because we don’t have a Notes feature (yet?).

I store files as attachments within my Drafts folder, because we don’t have online file storage (yet?).

And I add notes to emails that I have received and delete attachments from emails that I receive by moving the email to my Drafs folder, opening it, making my changes, saving it, and then moving it back to it’s original folder.

Most of the things I listed are work arounds for features that we do not yet have.  Features that I hope we build one day.  This is why we created Idea Central, a place where all of us power users can collaborate on our ideas and vote on them in hopes that one day our features get built.  The webmail team crancked out a bunch of features from Idea Central with the Concord release and October’s Hackathon.  And there are many more features on the way.  Make sure you get your votes in for the features that you want – you weirdo.

5 thoughts on “Weird ways I use webmail

  1. Huey

    Holy! How do you know if you actually have new unread messages?
    We don’t have a Notes section yet, but we do have multiple Task lists now! Just create a Notes list and use that to store your notes.

  2. Reed

    Nice… I email myself with attachments for online storage… drafts are a good idea too. Been using task list for my URL bookmarks for a while too…

  3. Prof R K Gupta

    what is this all about? Emails have limitations.They are messages service.In paid email service one can have breif case,folders of differnt types and unlimited what is have filters too.That is all.And it was a good point which I also do mail myself.I dont think you can do much beyond this.


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