Free $2 water at Starbucks

I was at Starbucks today, and I was ordering a small coffee and a bottle of their Ethos spring water.  However, it turned out that they were out of bottled water.  So the girl at the counter asked me if I just wanted a cup of ice water instead.  I normally would turn that down, because tap water at restaurants sucks ass.  But then the girl also said, "Our water is triple filtered and tastes really good."  So I gave it a try.

Wow!  It was the best water I’ve had since Beth discovered Fiji.  Their filtered water was soft, but not excessively soft like Evian.  And much better than the popular municipal-source filtered water brands – Aquafina and Dasani.

I know that buying the $2 bottles of Ethos helps children in third world countries get clean drinking water and all.  And that’s great.  I am glad to see that Starbucks is so dedicated to corporate social responsibility.  But (call me a bad person now) I am never going to buy their water again.  Starbucks’ free tap water tastes better.

Btw…  Did you know that the Coca-Cola Company adds salt to Dasani
water?  I don’t know about you, but when I’m thirsty I don’t want to
drink salt-water.

3 thoughts on “Free $2 water at Starbucks

  1. DJ

    Hey Bill,
    There are many reasons for salt in water:
    Salt is crucial in the treatment of dehydration caused by excessive sweating, vomiting or diarrhea. Salt is also an ingredient in Gatorade and other sports drinks.
    Salt also lowers the temperature of water by 3-4 degrees as well as lowering the freezing temperature.
    Not to mention that salt eliminates the calcium and magnesium from water which makes it “hard”.
    So maybe Coca-Cola needs to add more salt.

  2. Bill Boebel

    Interesting. I didn’t know that… When I think of salt, I think that salt itself is dehydrating. Not a treatment for dehydration.
    Its just weird looking at the label on a bottle of watter and seeing…
    Ingredients: Water, Salt


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