Still reading Blue Ocean Strategy

Have you noticed that the book listed in “I’m Reading” on the right side of my blog hasn’t changed since March?  Its true… I’ve enjoyed Blue Ocean Strategy so far, but I haven’t exactly made time to read lately.

Mini book report:  The book covers how some interesting companies, such as Yellow Tail and Cirque du Soleil, have been able to break away from existing crowded markets and create new demand though product innovation.  I really like the fact that this book illustrates these business concepts using non-technology companies, since most of the innovation that I see every day are technology related.

Well, hopefully I can finally knock this book out on Friday while en route to TechCrunch 6… which looks like a blast!  If you’re in the SF Bay area this weekend and want to meet up, drop me an email.  (But I’m really just going out there to make $200)

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