Lot 10

Last year, many of us Webmailers and friends tailgated in Lot 10 for all of the Tech home football games.  We had a great time.  There were kegs, bonfires, loud music, cornhole, wine, cheese, bean dip, tamales, breakfast/lunch/dinner, the occasional co-worker’s bare ass, broken stuff, and a seemingly unlimited flow of burgers and hot dogs.

Needless to say after the fun of last year, David Catalano and David Lawson who own the parking passes, tried very hard to get Lot 10 again.  Even though they both explicitly requested Lot 10, the Hokie Club chose to give them Lot 8.  Lot 8 is a "better" lot according to the Hokie Club, but it is lacking two main things… a large grassy area to party in, and near by parking for 40+ people.  (Lot 8 is a hike, whereas Lot 10 is right next to downtown)

So, after the Lot 8 passes arrived last Monday, I spent the first half of Tuesday on the Tech Sideline message board, attempting to arrange a trade.  I ended up finding a guy in Danville who would trade his Lot 10 for a Lot 5 and I also found another guy in Richmond who would trade his Lot 10 also for a Lot 5.  So then I went hunting for a Lot 5 trade, and I located a guy in Roanoke who would trade his two Lot 5 passes for our two Lot 8 passes.  Without any Lot 5 passes in hand yet I then told the first two guys "I will trade my Lot 5 for your Lot 10"… and the trade was set into motion.  On Wednesday, David Lawson and I met the Lot 5 dude in Roanoke and swapped passes, then headed out to Danville… an hour later we had our first Lot 10 pass!  Later that afternoon back at the office, I dropped the first game’s Lot 5 pass into a FedEx envelope and addressed it to the fellow in Richmond.  And on Friday we got our second Lot 10 pass!

Long story short, we are in Lot 10 again – same location as last year, to the left of the tennis courts on Washington Street.

See you bright and early on the 2nd.

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