CEO and founder of Pingboard, a company directory app that provides instant insights about your coworkers. Serial entrepreneur, director at Capital Factory and an investor in a bunch of really cool companies.

Previously, CTO and founder of, where we grew it to $8M with 72,000 SMB customers and an amazing team of 65 employees. Sold the business to Rackspace in 2007, then joined Rackspace’s corp dev team to work on partnerships and M&A for their cloud business.

Prior to all this, launched a couple of startup projects that failed, but ultimately pivoted into And going waaaaay back, I was born into an entrepreneurial family and started working for my parents printing company at age 7. In my last couple years there before heading off to Virginia Tech to study computer engineering, I created our digital prepress department, moving us away from camera & film, to print directly to plate from a Mac… in 1993, 20 years before most of the world knew you could print to anything but paper.


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