Bill is CEO and founder of Pingboard, which provides free org chart and employee engagement software to thousands of companies. Prior to Pingboard, Bill was CTO & co-founder of Webmail, the largest B2B email provider before Gmail hit the scene. After Webmail was acquired by Rackspace, Bill helped found Capital Factory, which helps entrepreneurs in Austin build great companies. Pingboard was born out of a need faced by Capital Factory, Rackspace and Webmail.


  • 2014: Co-founded Pingboard
  • 2012: Co-founded Capital Factory
  • 2008: Rackspace IPO
  • 2007: Webmail acquired by Rackspace
  • 2002: Co-founded Webmail (grew to 3 million users & $100mm ARR)
  • 2000: Co-founded a social app on the college campus of Virginia Tech (which unfortunately we launched literally the day the dot-com bubble burst on March 10, 2000 and we ultimately failed)
  • 1984: First job at at 7, working for parents printing company. Worked through high school, built out digital prepress department. In 2010, I negotiated the acquisition of the family business.

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