CEO and founder of Pingboard, the modern company directory. Serial entrepreneur, director at Capital Factory and an investor in a bunch of really cool companies.

Previously, CTO and founder of, where we grew it to $8M with 72,000 SMB customers and an amazing team of 65 employees. Sold the business to Rackspace in 2007, then did partnerships and M&A at Rackspace.

Prior to all this, launched a couple of startup projects that failed, but ultimately pivoted into And going WAY back, I was born into an entrepreneurial family and started working for my parents printing company at age 7 stuffing envelopes for 3 cents each. I worked their until heading off to Virginia Tech, but not before digitizing our pre-press operating, bringing it from camera & film to Mac + film printer in 1995 before Apple was cool and before people knew you could print anything but paper.


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  • Richard Raney

    Would like talk with you about my clean energy project – massive potential. Richard Raney (512) 246-3930

    • billboebel

      I stick to internet software

      • Javier

        Hey bill…do u have any interest in mobile application?

  • Kyle Cornelius

    Just wanted to let you know about the angel round (>half committed) we’ll be closing very soon for Storific:

    I’d love to share our investors deck with you.


    Kyle Cornelius 404.406.1854

  • Adam Fridman


    Would like to connect to learn more about your efforts with Capital Factory and share how we can work together.

    Founder – 847.881.6788