I’ll test yours if you test mine

While working with several startups I’ve realized it would be useful to have a community of alpha testers who are eager to secretly test your new app and give you feedback before anyone else lays eyes on it… even before you stealthily launch your private beta.  This would also be useful in cases where you think you’ve fixed that annoying bug and you push to the Apple app store, only to realize a a week later when the app is approved that the bug is not fixed.

But what would motivate people to join this community?  How about only allow people to join if they also are building an app that they needed someone to test?  It would be an alpha tester “dating” site… “I’ll test yours if you test mine”  This would also ensure that all members are savvy enough to be able to navigate tools like TestFlight.

I don’t want another Rate My Startup site.  I want a community of hard core alpha testers.  Please email me the URL when you are ready for me to secretly alpha test it.

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