Brain dump of startup ideas #2

– twitter based speedtrap reporting/discovery app

– twitter based service to let people meet up on short notice to buy/sell, such as for tickets at concerts or sport events

– Speech messaging. I’m driving mode for native SMS.

– Craislist type site but which let’s you accept up to 3 offers before selling

– iPad app to learn popular tunes on the piano

– iPhone app that captures a persons voice and uses that to let another person make phone calls using the other persona voice. Plus a marketplace of celebrity voices.

– music site that charges $10/mo and let’s me pick which artists my money goes to. The $10 can go towards band merchandise purchases too. His models the real world better.

One thought on “Brain dump of startup ideas #2

  1. Jason Nolasco

    – twitter based speedtrap reporting/discovery app

    How about Data is probably stale. World-state sensor problems are hard. For reference, Google’s “Ground Truth” project:

    – iPad app to learn popular tunes on the piano

    I’ve played piano most of my life (since 5 or 6) and I’m still on the fence about how to learn the instrument. Heavy theory and a strong technical foundation or practical “pop music” theory and an emphasis on playing by example? I’ve done both. Former makes me stronger. Latter makes me happier. I still suck compared to 10-yr old Chinese savants.


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