Print & mail photos from your phone

For the past 17 months, I’ve been taking photos on my phone of my son (born last June) and emailing them to my family.  They love this and the list of recipients has started to get big, so a few months ago I created a group mailing list.   My son’s great-grandfather, however, is 93 years old and not a very savvy email user.  Emailing him photos isn’t very effective.  So 2 weeks ago I logged into his email account and downloaded the 200+ photos I’ve sent him and got them printed and mailed to him, and he was ecstatic to receive them in the mail as a surprise.
I want to be able to send great-grandpa printed photos in the mail in real time from my phone.  I don’t want to have to take any additional steps beyond sending the photo to my family email list… I just want to add a third-party photo printing service as a recipient to the email list and have the photos automatically printed and mailed to him.

I was going to blog this as a startup idea, and hope that you create this business so that I could be your customer.  However, I recently found a service that does this… Picwing.  After testing it for a couple weeks and working out a few kinks with the email forwarders, it works and I love it.  It batches photos into two shipments per month to save cost.  I’d pay extra for weekly shipments, but they don’t have that option and this is close enough for now.

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