2 thoughts on “We Are…

  1. Dan Ciruli

    Too bad about the LSU loss–I was hoping you’d run the table, Cal would run the table, and I’d get to meet you in person at the national championship game…
    I suppose it’s not out of the realm of possibility–we just need the right teams to lose. (Somebody beats LSU, you win out, take the SEC championship game, everybody in the Big 10 beats each other, and we somehow find a way to get through our schedule unscathed…not likely, but it could happen!)
    In any case, congratulations to the Webmailers who are now Rackers.

  2. Bill Boebel

    Thanks Dan. And nice win this weekend. The Bears looked good out there.
    Our LSU loss was tough… I wonder what would have happened if Beamer had named Tyrod Taylor our starting QB during fall practice instead of waiting for Glennon to fail. Taylor is amazing.
    I feel bad for Glennon though… he just doesn’t fit into our offense well, but might at another school.


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