Lol, Typepad’s Treo client goofed

I’m not sure what happened on that previous post from my Treo, but what I was trying to say was…

Subject: Getting great customer service right now

My attempt at Dan Ciruli’s pushup (and situp) challenge ended last month on Day 72.  Since then I have been seeing a chiroproactor a few times per week.  I must have been doing the situps wrong or something, because that morning I could not get past number 25.  And a few minutes later I was on the couch and everything hurt.  I’m better now, but apparently my spine is abnormally straight and has been that way for a while, which might be what led to the injury.  So I’m here at the chiroproactor’s right now, lying on a table with electrical muscle stimulator things on my back.  In a few minutes they’ll “adjust” me.

Every time I’m here I am amazed at how great the doctor and the other two girls who work here are at customer service.  During my first visit I noticed they have three whiteboards on the wall with patient names on them.  One has a list of this month’s birthdays, one has a list of the patients who referred somebody to them this month, and one shows the patient of the month (not sure how I can earn that yet).  After my first visit , Dr Rathmann called me at home that night to check on me and to tell me that she can definitely help me out.  And every day, all three of them remember the names of everybody that walks through the door.  The also remember what each of us have going on in our lives and make good conversation with us.  And they always remember off the top of their head when my next appointment will be as they remind me while saying goodbye.  It is impressive.

They’ve given me a lot of information about taking good care of my back, such as proper sitting, sleeping and standing.  And I received a special ice pack from them in the mail during the first week.  On Monday they had a happy birthday balloon waiting for me when I got there (even though I do still have 4 more days left in my twenties) and I also got a birthday card in the mail from them this week.

They’re great at the details of customer service and you can tell that they genuinely care about the customer.  It makes me curious what their interview process is like.  It isn’t easy to find people like this.

It’s Tuck Chiropractic Clinic.  I highly recommend them.

6 thoughts on “Lol, Typepad’s Treo client goofed

  1. Cory Wagner

    As a customer and reseller, I have been very happy with your company’s customer service. In fact, I opened a ticket yesterday that was handled very well by Ben Hubbard. From my perspective, your company’s customer service keeps getting better.


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