Linux media players, iPod…

This morning I have decided to port my iTunes library over to my new laptop.  Since I no longer run Windows on any computer, I need a new media player for Ubuntu which can keep my iPod synced.  I mostly have mp3 and mp4 files, but I do have several Apple DRM songs that I don’t want to lose.

Any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Linux media players, iPod…

  1. Reed

    the mac OS takes a little getting used to, but with the new intel macs you can run both windows and mac os… just hit a different key at startup… you prolly knew that tho

  2. Bill Boebel

    Ya.. you can do that in Linux too, with VMWare.
    I think I’m going to go with Songbird as my media player. It’s interface is very similar to iTunes, and has a lot of Web2.0-ish features like subscribing to music blogs and adding URLs to your music library and playlists, rather than having to store the files locally. It’s still an early beta product though, so we’ll see how stable it is.


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