2 more Blackberry tips

> Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device

To get rid of this tagline on your outgoing Blackberry emails, log into your Blackberry provider’s website (from a computer, not your phone, because they hide this setting when you log in from your phone in order to make it hard to

  Sprint: http://sprint.blackberry.com/
  Verizon: http://www.blackberry.com/go/vzw/
  or just google for "blackberry yourcarrier"

…click on Edit to edit your email account settings …then just delete your signature.

Also, something that I find handy is setting the following address as my "Auto BCC" address: myaccount+sent-blackberry@webmail.us   This stores a copy of all the mail I send from my Blackberry into a folder in my webmail account called "sent-blackberry".  You can do this with any folder, as long as the folder is all lowercase and contains no special characters such as spaces.

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