What’s the big idea?…

…see for yourself:  http://ideas.webmail.us

We launched this "Idea Central" website last week to allow our customers to tell us the features that they would like us to build.  Webmail.us customers (or anybody) can post an idea, and then other customers can vote on that idea.  Popular ideas rise to the top of the list.  Currently Admin access to all mailboxes is the most popular, with 14 votes.

Popular ideas will get built.  I’ll say it twice… Popular ideas will get built.

We are gearing up for Hackathon 3.0 on Saturday, October 28th.  Get your ideas submitted to Idea Central soon so that other customers can vote on it, and perhaps entice one of our software developers to choose that as their Hackathon project.  (check out the cool stuff we built at previous Hackathons: 1.0, 2.0).

If you have really big idea, one of our programmers may even take it on as their 20% project.

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