Weekend update

– Left work for airport at 1pm
– Passed Ludacris‘ tour bus on 81; sweet
– Flight delayed in Roanoke until 9pm, gonna connecting flight. For 20 minutes thought the trip was off. But somebody reminded the moron at the counter to put us on standby for the earlier flight, which was about to take off. Made it on.
– Switched gates 3 times in Chicago during a 4 hour delay
– Started reading new book: Moneyball (recommended by Kevin)
– Bag didn’t make it to San Jose; fucking United
– Car reservation canceled by Avis because we got there after midnight. Back to priceline.com. Still $15/day, nice.
– Made it to hotel in Capitola at 2am (5am back in VA)
– Bars just closed. Girl puking across the street, aided by a cop.

– Wedding at 1pm
– Bag still in Chicago
– Need new pants, shirt, shoes, socks, boxers, undershirt
– Google SMS (46645) located a Banana Republic 25 miles away
– Jess and Mark’s wedding was awesome. Outdoors on a cliff overlooking Monterey Bay.
– Drank and reconnected with friends
– Beth and I could only make it till midnight (3am back in VA); beat
– Bag waiting for me back at the hotel

– Drove back to Mark and Jess’s place in Half Moon Bay for the afternoon
– wtf, Half Moon Bay is the pumpkin capital of the world and today’s the yearly festival
– Saw world’s largest pumpkin. $10 for photo with it.
– Took picture with second largest pumpkin for free
– Drove over the mountain back to San Jose
– San Jose hotel has a vending machine that sells iPods; crazy

– 6:30am flight
– No delays in Chicago this time
– Finished half of book. Can’t put it down.
– Bags didn’t make it to Roanoke; fucking United
– Back home in Blacksburg at 5:15pm

3 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. Reed

    Sorry I missed out on the pumpkin party :/ I heard alot of the fancy downtown hotels have vending machines with iPods and other pricey hi-tech stuff, so people can throw gifts for their lonely kids on their corporate card – brilliant!


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