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Back home now.  Beth and I are sitting on the couch watching Virginia Tech beat up on the Georgia Bulldogs.  Couldn’t handle drinking tonight for this game.  Too tired after 8 days on the road visiting family.  We were in Gainesville TX for 6 days visiting Beth’s family, and then Fort Myers FL for 2 days visiting my grandparents again  (Grandma turned 90… yep, two 90th birthdays in the same month, and tomorrow is their 68th wedding anniversary!)

So I’m playing with my blog instead…  I just added FeedBurner’s “subscribe via email” feature.  Check it out – it’s on the right side of my blog.

Quoting TechCrunch: “Based on some stats that Fred Wilson (an investor in FeedBurner) published last year, we can expect about 1 email subscriber for every 5 RSS subscribers.”  Lets see if that is still true.  Assuming FeedBurner provides these stats to their users, I will let you know my results in a few months.

VT is up 21-3 at the half.  Go Hokies!

Update: god dammit Glennon

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