Mexican Disney Dollars

If you travel to a resort town outside of the U.S., such as Mazatlan
Mexico, there is a good chance you will meet people who try to get you
to take tours of their resorts.  They will offer you all sorts of free
stuff, such as free airport taxis, a buffet breakfast, cash to use at
their restaurants, etc.  Their goal is to sell you a timeshare.

The minute I stepped outside of the airport terminal in Mexico last
Sunday afternoon, there they were.  They caught me off-guard, and at
first I thought they were the people who organize shuttle service to
the resorts.  They weren’t.  However, they were offering me and Beth a
free $26 taxi ride, so like every other American that stepped off the
plane, I listened to what they had to say.  I said that I was not
interested a few times, but I let her keep talking.  The longer she
talked, the more free stuff she tossed into the offer in exchange for
my 2 hours the following morning.  "You have to eat breakfast any way
right?  So come eat breakfast at our resort while you listen to what we
have to say", she said… What the hell.

I walked away with $200 in cash certificates to be used at their
restaurants, 2 free massages, free taxi service to my resort, and free
taxi service back to the airport the next Saturday.

Beth and I took the tour of Pueblo Bonito.  I’ve been to some nice
resorts before in Jamaica, Cancun, Bermuda and Bonita Springs, but this
blew them all away.  I’m going to have to remember the name of this
company.  I learned a lot about how timeshares work too (Beth says I
ask too many questions sometimes).  I didn’t buy anything, but I asked
the sales guy how many people buy and he said 3 out of 10.  I believe
him – the pitch and the offer was pretty convincing.

With the free $200 we had a lobster dinner, wine, and another free
breakfast later in the week, and we still had $50 left to spend.  But
Beth wouldn’t let me spend it… she wanted to keep the last two
certificates as a souvenir of "how cheap I am".  I kept saying "You
don’t leave Disney World with Disney Dollars do you?  Lets spend the
last $50."

Anyways I’m back, I’m married, and Beth and I had a great time in
Mexico, and we still have two $50 Pueblo Bonito certificates that
expire in 5 days.

I don’t see myself taking another week long trip like this for several
years.  Towards the end of last week I was ready to get back to work.
I guess a 3 day weekend is enough time to unwind.  I’ll post a link to
pictures in a few days.

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