Just got off the phone with Dell…

I placed an order for Beth’s new computer last Tuesday (Dec 5), and I had my first bad experience with Dell.  Beth wrote about this last night too.

If you’ve ever ordered from Dell, you know that they are great about keeping you informed about your order.  They email you an order acknowledgment, then a confirmation that the order has been placed, then another email when it ships, and finally another when it is successfully delivered.

Well, I received my order acknowledgment via email right away, but never received anything else from them.  But I wasn’t concerned since Dell always seems to have their act together, so I let a few days go by.  By Sunday I still had not received any other emails from them, so I logged into my Dell account to check on my order and the order was not listed anywhere.  So finally concerned, I opened a ticket with Dell, and proceeded to wait….

On Tuesday I received my first response.  A very generic email stating that they are unable to locate my order, and that I need to call their sales department.  Great.

A few hours later, I received another email from Dell.  This time from a real person, stating that they had indeed received my order but it is pending and not yet processed.  They need to talk to me prior to releasing the order into production.  So I call.

It turns out that the speakers I ordered must be ordered with one of their flat-panel monitors.  Beth already has one of the required Dell flat-panel monitors, so I didn’t order one.  I just wanted the speakers so that I could attach them myself.  They said I’d have to remove the speakers from this order and place a separate order for them.  Weird, but whatever.  I removed the speakers from the order.

A 10 minute call to Dell fixed my problem, but…


Why does something so simple confuse your processes?

Why did I have to contact you to fix the problem, instead of you contacting me?

Why couldn’t I see my acknowledged/unconfirmed order in my Dell account?

Why did you let me place this invalid order in the first place?

4 thoughts on “Just got off the phone with Dell…

  1. n/a

    1) I think you should of been contacted immediately when the error was seen.
    2) From my own experience, the speakers cant be attached w/o a monitor. Why you ask….The monitor and the system come from two different manufacturing plants and then arrive at a shipping facility for final boxing. Conclusion…..It would be to costly for them to send speakers to a system tied compnent. They ask you to break the order up so the orders dont have to be shipped from the same facility and saves them money. The bottom line is the error should of been caught!
    Just my take!

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