Green Monster Tickets for sale

Back in March, I received an email from Red Sox Nation notifying me that I had been selected during the ticket lottery to purchase tickets to sit in the Green Monster section at Fenway for any game this season.  I had one day to pick which game I wanted before the 12-hour window to purchase tickets began.  Obviously I tried for any Yankees game I could get, but those tickets went within the first few minutes and I was too late.  So I settled for a Friday night Rangers game on June 9th.  Still, its Monster seats!

Well, it just so happens that this is the year that 5 of my friends decided to get married.  And it also just so happens that one of the weddings is on June 10th in Atlanta.

I posted my two tickets on eBay last night if you are interested. 🙁

(2) Boston Red Sox vs Texas Rangers 6/9 – Green Monster

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