GOOG Hindsight

It appears I bought GOOG a day too early.  I don’t regret it though.  I’d buy more tomorrow at this lower price if I had the free cash.

While I’m at it, I think I am going to dump my Red Hat shares tomorrow.  Their enterprise server solutions are great, but I think that has taken their stock as far as it’ll go for a while (I road it from $13 to $28), especially with Sun moving into their territory.  If they made a big move into the desktop space, that would change my mind – but I don’t see that happening.  Red Hat is not the company who will bring Linux to the mainstream desktop.  Perhaps it will be the other company in my portfolio.

3 thoughts on “GOOG Hindsight

  1. Will

    I don’t really think RedHat is looking to bring linux to the mainstream desktop. I think right now one of their focuses is SELinux, which could get them into government systems to replace much more expensive SPARC systems. They are going through the government approval process right now. I have been looking at investing in them lately and have also decided against it. I think you’re right to get out even though I think RedHat still has huge potential, its just that their stock seems very overvalued right now.

  2. Bill Boebel

    Ya, and they’re expanding into more foreign markets. None of the exciting stuff that pushes stock prices higher.
    It will be interesting to watch how OpenSolaris will affect Red Hat’s market share over the next couple years.

  3. Peterg

    Nobody is an expert on market timing. The days of day-trading amongst we dilettantes are over and if you look at how often the market professionals are completely wrong that should give one pause.
    So, you missed out somewhat, buying just before the release of results, and there was selling, partly because of disappointing results and also because of profit-takers and a lot of ignorance as to what has happened of late regarding the refusal of non-disclosure.
    I would be surprised if there was not a bounce-back – to the tune of 10% within the next month.


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