Better Email Statistics

After my last post on this subject,
I sat down with Wenjie and we refined our email stats logic.  He was
able to add new code that tracks the viruses that are rejected during the SMTP
session, and corrected a big inaccuracy with the spam numbers.  I have a lot more confidence in the Email Breakdown
graph on our home page now.  One surprising outcome was that the virus
percentage actually dropped.  I had expected it to increase, but these
spam numbers are blowing everything else away… crazy.

While we were at it, Brian H changed the graph to show 24-hour averages rather than 30-day averages.  So the numbers are a lot more dynamic now.  He also modified
the “Top 5 Email Viruses” to exclude phishing emails which are
identified by ClamAV during virus
scanning.  Now it just lists viruses, as it should.

Something interesting to watch is how the numbers
fluctuate on the weekends.  The data is delayed by 24-hours, so take a look this
Sunday.  Spam traffic will jump to almost 95%, compared
85%-87% during the week.  I guess that means most our customers aren’t
working on Saturday and Sunday… good for them.

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