To make a change, start changing

I often tell people that the best time to make a change is now and it will only get harder to change in the future. It bothers me that so many people do things that they don’t love and think that they can’t make a change or think they don’t know how to change. Most people’s intuition seems to be plan, prepare and obsess about change, which often delays the change to a point where other life factors arise and either prevent the change or allows the person to create excuses for why the change is not possible.

If there is anything in life that you want to be or do, the best way to be that person or to do that thing, is to just start being that person or doing that thing. You will probably fail, but you will quickly learn a lot about if you really want to be that person or if you really want to do that thing, and if so you will keep trying.

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