Brain dump of startup ideas #3

– front end routing for all web traffic for a site, which lets you do things like route /blog to WP Engine, /store to Shopify, and everything else to your main server. Lets you also have redundancy so if one host goes down those URLs can redirect to a second host.

– tool to anonymously solicit commercial public comments to your Facebook posts. Advertisers bid to respond and the user gets a cut. Show rest of comment thread anonymously to vendor to get them to see the value and pay to continue posting.

– photo site that takes your entire photo collection and logically determines which are good ones and creates you an album

– Windows and Mac utility that puts your laptop in “presentation mode”. Turns off screen saver, power saver, turns off all popups such as IM and reminders, and has a timeout to switch back to normal mode in an hour (customizable). Still displays low battery alert though.

– mechanical turk worker complexes to give jobs to homeless people

– better email. Blah… boring

– private Likes for Facebook to “bookmark” posts for yourself

– timemachine. By pulling together all puclic geo/compass/time tagged images, video and audio and creating a virtual representation of the past that you can navigate thru. Sell cheap camera with wifi & solar power for people to mount in car or yard for security or other reasons (API to trigger alerts/actions, public/private option), let people search to trace an object through time (bike, person, car/licenseplate), merge photos by location and time for smooth, free use if contributing content, paid if not contributing, iPhone app to snap & tag interesting things to contribute

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