Repurpose old iPads into elegant single-purpose devices

In 2011, when the second generation iPads are released, my first gen iPad is immediately going on eBay. I want the new shiny one with a camera for video conferencing! I’m not alone.

It is a safe bet to assume that over the next couple years, millions of used iPads will hit secondary markets. Today’s devices will likely be too slow to run iOS5, but they will still have enough compute power for many great uses. How about repurposing these hardware devices with new software that serves a single purpose in an elegant way… such interactive restaurant menus? or upgrade those audio devices that old people rent at museums? or a kick-ass kids toy? or a better remote for a home control system?

Start thinking about how to disrupt a market with a special purposed hardware device. All you will need to write is the software. You will be able to buy “magical and revolutionary” hardware at an “unbelievable price” soon.

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