Who needs Google Chrome?

While watching College Gameday this morning I decide to make my Firefox act like Google Chrome.  Here is how…

Install these Firefox add-ons:

Speed Dial
– Displays thumbnails of your most frequently accessed sites on new
blank Firefox tabs.  (not automatically populated like Chrome, you must
add sites manually)

Tiny Menu – Lets you collapse your menu to save space.

Locationbar2 – Emphasizes the domain name in the address bar, to reduce risk of being tricked by a spoof site.

Prism – Application shortcuts for online apps.  This one was tricky to get working with Ubuntu.  The firefox add-on didn’t work and v0.9 had some style issues.  To get it working I installed v0.9.1 from Fabien Tassin PPA.. https://launchpad.net/~fta/+archive  …it’s probably much easier in OS X and Windows.

Then you can create Webmail Prism app using URL:
(filling in your email address and password)

Here is the launcher icon I used:

Not quite as pretty as Chrome, but its a good start…

(oh ya, and I turned my Ubuntu desktop into a Mac.  More on that some other time)

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