Daily Twitter Updates

  • 21:24 Sitting outside at Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown Cincinnati. Men in pink pig suits just repelled from a 30 story bldg. Runners are weird. #
  • 15:55 At the “Bodies” exhibit at the Cincinnati museum. 16 real dissected and preserved dead people. I got to hold a human smoker’s lung. #
  • 17:00 A lady backed into my rental car at a light & drove off. I chased her through the ghetto for 10 min while on the phone w cops. She got away #
  • 17:24 While giving details about the hit and run to a motorcycle cop , another car backed into me. Now this is just funny. #
  • 19:46 Ferarri’s Little Italy, Cinci – family style like Magiano’s. The girls carb loaded for the marathon, while Kevin and I cab. loaded. #

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