3 days in Snowshoe

Beth and I had a great long weekend skiing in Snowshoe WV with several friends…

– Thursday: replaced bald tires with new BF Goodrich All Terrains
– late night 3 hour drive through snowy mountains
– 26 people in one house
– super organized; thanks Jillian!
– no cell service
– wireless internet, so not truly disconnected

– Friday: fog. rain
– only did 3 runs, 2 green, 1 blue slope
– lost Marshall
– Beth can’t ski
– beer
– found Marshall

– Saturday: fog. ice
– back on the black slopes
– Cameron wiped out really bad
– beer
– hot tub
– comedians at the Comedy Club sucked

– Sunday: sunny, nice powder
– more black slopes
– tried moguls; bad idea
– Beth can ski!
– no shower; 3 hour drive
– sleep

…back to work.


One thought on “3 days in Snowshoe

  1. Jonathan Cost

    Looks like fun. My niece works there, but I’ve never been to visit. Funny too, I grew up in WV near snowshoe, but never went skiing. Didn’t ski till I moved to VA.
    Then again, I probably couldn’t have afforded to ski until I moved to VA. Funny how life works like that 😉


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