Webmailers love bananas

Being hungry sucks.  Marisa and others have done a great job at preventing us from going hungry in between meals by keeping the break room at our office well stocked.  Webmail employees get to feast on a virtually limitless supply of cheez-its, pop-tarts, soup, cereal, raisins, english muffins, peanut butter, coffee, tea, soda, juice, spring water and almost anything else people request.  Some of it is healthy; but the stuff that goes the fastest is not.

We’ve tried to introduce some healthy food… Raisins and juice seem to be somewhat of a hit.  But oranges and apples tend to sit and rot.  However, when bananas appear, they get devoured faster than anything else.  Hmm… Why is it that Webmailers let oranges and apples rot, while bananas don’t even get a chance to fully lose their green?

Every so often I go to Kroger and pick up as many bananas as I can carry and come back and put them in the break room.  It’s fun to watch how quickly they disappear.  Normally within two days they’re all gone.  I tried this once with a huge bag of fresh oranges that I brought back from Florida last year, and only three got eaten – one by me.

I suppose it is because bananas are convenient.  If you take a look at the snacks that go the fastest, it is the ones that people can grab and fully consume within about 30 seconds.

I wonder what other type of healthy food we can sneak into their(your) diets by exploiting this convenience factor.  Suggestions?

10 thoughts on “Webmailers love bananas

  1. Beth Barnett-Boebel

    Well it’s funny how we just had this conversation word for word the other day and I said because people don’t like to get their hands dirty. At least you got the conversation started, I cringe every time I go into your breakroom.

  2. Scott Boebel

    The reason we go through a lot of bananas is because Ben has us use them as a ‘telephone’. He being the ‘customer’ and us being the support reps on the phone. That’s how we practice phone calls. He then throws us hard questions and when we have had enough we just eat the ‘telephone’ šŸ™‚

  3. Sebastian

    I’m with Jing on the baby carrots.
    Also, I’m sure I’ll be called weird, but give me cherry tomatoes and I’ll let them by the punnett


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