Webmail Office v5.0

I’ve started driving by the construction site for the new Webmail.us office building a couple of times per week.  It has been neat to watch the progress.  They have the building’s frame up, floors poured, roof up, balcony built and they are starting to put up the outside wall.  As of right now we are told that our move-in date will be sometime in the second half of July.

This will be our fifth major office move.  We’ve grown up a lot since 1999:

Webmail Office v1.0
Dec 1999 – Jul 2000
living room of townhouse in Rutherford Town Homes, Blacksburg VA;
plus Kevin’s apartment

Webmail Office v2.0

Jul 2000 – Jul 2002
rented two adjacent apartments in FoxRidge, Blacksburg VA;
one to live out of, one to work out of

Webmail Office v3.0
Jul 2002 – Aug 2004
moved to basement floor of townhouse in Oakton, VA;
plus small office in Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg VA

Webmail Office v4.0
Aug 2004 – Feb 2005
moved primary office to Corporate Research Center;
2000 Kraft Drive Suite 1300, Blacksburg VA

Webmail Office v4.1
Feb 2005
moved into larger office across the hall in 2000 Kraft Dr;
Suite 1400

Webmail Office v4.2
Apr 2006
expanded back into the original office space we had in 2000 Kraft Dr, keeping both suites 1300 & 1400

Webmail Office v4.3
Apr 2006
added sales office in Roanoke, VA

Webmail Office v4.4
Dec 2006
expanded night-time customer care into another section of 2000 Kraft Dr

Webmail Office v4.5
Mar 2007
added "stealth" development office across the street in another VTCRC building

Webmail Office v4.6
May 2007
added another random office in 2000 Kraft Dr.

Webmail Office v5.0
~Summer 2007
Watch Webmail Office v5.0 being built.  I will be uploading photos to Flickr tagged with "webmail-office" twice per week until the day we move in, along with occasional updated posts on this blog, and some talk about the cool toys we’re putting into the new office.

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