Two updates…

Update on post “I want to merge the 2 Linux clipboards“…

Ramy posted a comment this morning that led me to autocutsel, which is now doing exactly what I wanted:

First, I had to install libxaw7, libxaw7-dev, libxaw7-headers.  Then, install autocutsel (./configure; make; make install).  Then, I start one autocutsel process that syncs PRIMARY with cutbuffer 0 on mouse-button-up events, and a second autocutsel process that syncs CLIPBOARD WITH cutbuffer 0 always.

# Start syncing clipboards
autocutsel -selection PRIMARY -buttonup -fork
autocutsel -selection CLIPBOARD -fork

Update on post “Subscribe via Email“…

It has been two months since I added the Feedburner “subscribe via email” tool to my blog.  And so far I have only one person who subscribes via email – me.  I guess everybody knows how to use RSS these days… at least those who read my blog.

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