Tuesday morning Waffles at Bill’s

Finally got a Belgian waffle iron!

Anyone who wants waffles, stop by my house Tuesday morning between 8:00am and 8:30am on your way to work.  I’ll have plenty of syrup.  If you want anything else on/with your waffles feel free to bring it, and feel free to share 🙂

4 thoughts on “Tuesday morning Waffles at Bill’s

  1. Richard Godbee

    Is there anyplace in town that serves a good, hot breakfast at a reasonable price? (Fast food doesn’t count.)
    I can’t bring myself to drive out to Christiansburg to go to IHOP, Cracker Barrel, etc. for waffles/pancakes, eggs, sausage/bacon, and juice.

  2. Bill Boebel

    Ya, screw those chain restaurants. There are some great ones in Blacksburg. Here are my favorites, ranked in order…
    (1) Gillies
    (2) Easy Chair Coffee Shop (great bagel sandwiches, and the best coffee in town)
    (3) Our Daily Bread (they have premade breakfast items, or you can order off the menu)
    (4) Mill Moutain Coffee Shop (same as #2; but slightly better bagel sandwiches, however Easy Chair’s coffee is better)
    (5) Preston’s (the restaurant in VT Inn. They have a breakfast buffet every day.
    (6) Famous Anthony’s (the traditional greasy breakfast, that you’d get at waffle house or ihop)
    And on the weekends: Boudreaux’s, Sharkey’s, Poor Billy’s, Hokie House.


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