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Tuesday:  dropped Treo for the 99th time.  Andrea looked in horror as it smashed into 3 pieces on the floor (treo, battery cover, battery).  I told her “it’s fine, it happens all the time, this thing’s a soldier.”  And it was.

Thursday:  dropped Treo for the 100th time. Spent afternoon at the Verizon store.

I got the BlackBerry 8830 for $109 after cashing in my $100 new-every-two, the random $100 in-store discount, and the $100 mail-in rebate; and after promising not to switch to the iPhone for at least two more years.

[Apparently the fellow who programed the Verizon tech’s
contacts/calendar migration tool didn’t think of the obscure use case
where the customer’s Treo has a shattered non-functioning screen, but
everything else still works.
]  Wack.

Now, continuing my extreme email habits…  since BlackBerry push-email doesn’t work well when you filter everything on your IMAP server into lots of folders, I created 4 new emails accounts and edited my 84 filter rules in webmail to do the following:

– forward a copy of mail from all co-workers to 1st account
– forward a copy of mail from all Business contacts to 2nd account
– forward a copy of mail from all Personal contacts to 3rd account
– forward a copy of Monitoring/Automated type mail to 4th account

And then I push each of these 4 separate email accounts to my BlackBerry and they arrive nice and organized.  My main screen has 5 inboxes; these 4 plus SMS.

Also, I Bcc a copy of all outbound mail to a special address that forwards to a “sent-blackberry” folder in my main email account.  And set the Reply-to address in all 4 accounts to my main email account.

Previous extreme email habits:

6 thoughts on “New Every Two®

  1. Ben Higgins

    Bill – have you had any delay issues with your Blackberry?
    What we have noticed is that if we configure our Verizon Blackberrys with our Webmail.US accounts – there is a noticible lag between the time the email ends up in the inbox and when it ends up on the Blackberry. The lag is up to 5 minutes.
    Not so when we configure our Blackberrys for gmail. The email appears on the Blackberry instantaneously.
    I always felt that this was an issue with the Blackberry device – but I’d be interested in reading what someone who knows the nitty gritty of the Webmail infrastructue thinks.

  2. Bill Boebel

    Are you forwarding to Blackberry, or did you configure Blackberry’s system to pull via IMAP (which in-turn gets pushed to the device)?
    I configured it to use IMAP, and yes there is a delay… but thats probably due to the fact that their polling interval is every few minutes.

  3. Bill Boebel

    Interesting. I wonder if they just stay connected to Gmail’s servers because they know it supports IMAP IDLE. Ours support IMAP IDLE as well, but perhaps Blackberry has to manually configure their system to use it per-host. We’ll look into this. Thanks Ben.

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