Hackathon 4 project demos

Hackathon has moved upstairs to the big conference room.  Here are the projects being demoed right now:

  – Right click
  – Task list improvements
  – Search improvements (frontend)
  – Search improvements (backend, speed)
  – Drag and drop improvements
  – Double byte language support
  – Preview pane enhancements

Control Panel
  – Bcc archiving for resellers
  – Ability to undelete mailboxes
  – Mail access controls (pop/imap/ssl)
  – Ability to disable "Login As User"

  – First demo of the new email marketing system

  – Forecasting revenue report (internal project)

2 thoughts on “Hackathon 4 project demos

  1. velvet

    This was, by far, the *best* Hackathon. The projects were awesome and demos were a hoot! Our customers will be pleased with the enhancements 🙂


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