Beryl is fast now

Jon mentioned that the latest development branch of Beryl seems to be faster.  I had previously decided not to run Beryl because switching between windows was slow, among other stuff.  So I decided to try the development branch, and it is indeed faster.  I’ve been running Beryl now for two days and I think I’m going to stick with it this time.  Although I’m not cool enough for my windows to explode into flames though when I close them like some other people’s desktops around the office.

You can grab the latest unofficial Beryl packages here:

First, run:

KEY=81836EBF; gpg –keyserver –recv $KEY && gpg –export –armor $KEY | sudo apt-key add –

and add these repos to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb edgy beryl-svn
deb-src edgy beryl-svn

Now, if you have Beryl already installed, you can just run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade.

Another recent Ubuntu change I made is I got rid of autocutsel because of minor annoyances that I couldn’t get over.  So now I will just have to get used to using two clipboards.

2 thoughts on “Beryl is fast now

  1. Ramy M. Eltarras

    I have also suffered from misbehaviour of autocutsel. I have found a logical bug, and created a small patch for autocutsel.c to fix it, then autocutsel worked perfectly with me. I am using autocutsel-0.8.1 but I think the patch will work with the latest version too.
    Here is the patch :
    else {
    > int screen_num = DefaultScreen(dpy);
    > int root_x, root_y , win_x, win_y , mask;
    > Window root_wnd, child_wnd;
    > XQueryPointer(dpy, RootWindow(dpy,screen_num) , &root_wnd, &child_wnd, &root_x , &root_y , &win_x , &win_y , &mask);
    > if (!(mask & (ShiftMask | Button1Mask)))
    > XtGetSelectionValue(box, selection, XA_STRING,
    > }


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