2 weeks… really?

It appears I haven’t posted in two weeks.  Sorry.  Here is a quick update:

– Webmail.us Product Launch Party tonight at Sigma.  Free beer, free food… 5:00pm

– Several new pictures of our office construction are on Flickr.  Check them out.

– Running out of time to prepare my slides for next week’s ISPCON talk.  Gotta get it done this weekend.

– I’m 1/6 of my way done with my Q2 goal of playing 54 holes of golf.  I should get another 18 in this weekend and be half way there!

– Zach, aka Sea Bass, aka #1 Hokie Fan, got married last weekend.  Congrats dude!

– Lots of interviews lately… Still looking for another Linux Geek and Infrastructure Software Developer.  And could use another summer intern to do either.  And we’re always generally looking for smart programmers.  If you know someone, please send them my way.

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