Webmail.us’ Growth – graphed

Web traffic is one of many rough ways to estimate a company’s growth.
Check out our traffic over the past two years.  It’s pretty amazing.
The values below are calculated based on page view stats collected by
Amazon’s Alexa toolbar, and represent all of the websites under the
"webmail.us" domain (e.g. www.webmail.us, secure.webmail.us,
admin.webmail.us, lite.webmail.us, etc).  A detailed description of
this data is available here.

These graphs are generated dynamically, so check this blog post out again in a few months to see if we’re still growing 🙂  …and note that these graphs don’t represent the growth of our reseller business.

How many people out of a million go to any of the Webmail.us sites each day:

Webmail.us’s traffic rank against all other web sites on the internet:

Our exact traffic rank today is:

Out of every million web pages viewed on the internet, this is how many of those page views are on Webmail.us sites, excluding duplicates by the same user:

Just for fun, click on these:





5 thoughts on “Webmail.us’ Growth – graphed

  1. Tom Markiewicz

    How do you feel the Alexa traffic stats compare to your other methods of stats tracking? Specifically, does it compare favorably to the trends you’ve seen or is it lower? With Alexa only taking a much smaller sample of data (and only IE browsers), I would expect their numbers to be lower that what is actually happening in reality.

  2. Bill Boebel

    We don’t collect very good stats for our corporate website right now, so I don’t have an answer to your question. Our pay-per-click management firm is having us set something up though, so we’ll have accurate numbers soon.
    I suspect that the Alexa numbers are fairly accurate though because these numbers aren’t meant to show total clicks/visitors. Instead they show how your site’s traffic stacks up against other sites on the internet, based on data collected by their toolbar. All you need in order to estimate that type of statistic is a large and diverse traffic sample – which is what they have.

  3. Tom Markiewicz

    Good point. I guess my curiosity stems from the fact that we’re looking at IE only vs the Firefox users. I would think that more technically inclined sites would have a lower ranking via Alexa. From examining the logs of our sites, I’ve found a much higher percentage of Firefox users than the overall levels generally reported.


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