Most Valuable Tailgate

On Saturday we won’s prestigious Most Valuable Tailgate award.  Which means we got free beer koozies and a signed Frank Beamer bobble head.  Yay!

This year’s tailgates have been about the same size as last year’s so far, however this year we certainly have more stuff.  Our canopy is twice as big, we finally have a generator, we’re running our iPods through a real a stereo rather than running my truck for 10 hours straight, and we’ve gone through 4 kegs in 3 games.  But if thought that Saturday’s tailgate was something, just wait until we break out the fire pit.  (looks like we’ll need it for the Georgia Tech game)

4 thoughts on “Most Valuable Tailgate

  1. Velvet

    can we get the fire pit going today?? it’s freezing out! hopefully the hokies will get their act together for their first real challenge of the year. :-/


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