Google Stock

I finally broke down and bought some Google stock today.

GOOG @ $428.12

I bought it because: (1) Google will continue to shock us with innovative new services, (2) the growth of their #1 revenue source, online advertising, is showing no signs slowing because thousands of companies like will continue to throw money at Google for keywords such as email hosting as long as they keep brining us customers, (3) 99% of their revenue is from online advertising which is a huge risk for them – however they are well aware of this risk and will be shocking us soon with a new major revenue source, (4) I want to own the stock when it splits and becomes more affordable to the bottom feeding traders like me.

One thought on “Google Stock

  1. Barrett Little

    Good move. I made the same decision this morning and put in a limit order for a few more shares. Their earnings webcast this afternoon should be on the positive side. I wouldn’t expect a split though. They seem to idolize Warren Buffet, who has never split Berkshire Hathaway which is trading around 89,000 a share!


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