…Dell is human

I received a random phone call today from a nice woman named Katherine, from Dell’s Executive Support department.  Katherine said she came across my recent blog post discussing my problematic Dell order, and wanted to see if there was anything she could do to help.  I told her that I had in fact received Beth’s new computer yesterday, and that we had set it up last night.  We are very pleased with it.

Although, I told her that I never received my shipping notice or delivery notice emails.  She’s looking into that.

I never expected to hear from anybody at Dell.  Being the size of company that they are, I figured that even if a Dell employee did happen to find my post, it would never get to the right person and nothing of significance would come of it.  Apparently I was wrong.

My conversation with Katherine quickly turned into me asking questions about how she found my blog post, and what Dell’s strategy is by contacting people that write negatively about them.  She said Dell has launched a huge company wide customer loyalty initiative, and they are taking it very seriously.  She said that they have 150 people who’s job it is to scour blogs, message boards and websites to find posts like mine.  And then they do something about every one of them.

This is awesome, and I told her that.  Props to Dell.  That is how you run a business – even when you have 50,000 employees.

4 thoughts on “…Dell is human

  1. Yancy

    I can’t help but ask did Dell pay you for that? JUST KIDDING!!
    I’ve had good experiences with them too. I don’t care much for the time it takes to get a product out (I’m very impatient) but overall I’ve been satisfied with my purchases.
    Keep the blogs coming!

  2. Casey Carpenter

    This is one of the greatest things I have heard. A christmas present to the world from Dell. Hopefully people wont abuse this system and start writing posts just to get a future discount.


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