One thought on “Buzz 2.0

  1. Dan Ciruli

    I hadn’t bought into the whole “2.0” thing until football season–and my Cal Bears put it in perspective.
    Cal Bears v1.0 came out in September (there was a launch party in Knoxville). There was potential there, but it was hard to tell with all of the bugs! I mean, clearly, this was really a glorified beta test.
    But some serious debugging paid off–Cal Bears 2.0 came out the next week and have looked terrific ever since. I just hope we can continue to look great when facing USC 113.2.
    In a slightly more serious note, I’ve begun to STOP reading anything labelled 2.0. In recent weeks, I’ve attended conferences where people were pitching “Grid Computing 2.0” and “SOA 2.0.”
    In both cases, I interpreted “2.0” to mean “it hasn’t succeeded yet, but this time we’ve got our fingers crossed and we hope that some sort of tipping point has been reached.”


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