An open letter to Merriam-Webster

Dr. Frederick C. Mish
Merriam-Webster, Inc.
47 Federal Street
Springfield, MA 01102

Dear Dr. Mish,

Please consider adding the word "prepend" to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

As you may be aware, folks in the technology world use this word quite frequently in situations where you "append" to the beginning of something.  Prepend’s meaning is synonymous with the definition of the word "prefix", however prepend is more commonly used by technology professionals.

The word is used within several popular software applications such as Postfix, as well as hardware appliances such as Cisco routers.  Googling for prepend returns several thousand of examples of it’s use.

The frequency that the word "prepend" is used today should justify consideration for inclusion in your dictionary.  Even though we are techies, we do not like speaking broken English.


Bill Boebel
Chief Technology Officer, Inc.

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