My Blog’s Purpose

I will primarily be posting technical information about the exciting things we are doing at  There will be a few interesting personal bits thrown in from time to time, but I promise there won’t be too much of that.

Kevin and Mike already write about the product/software side of the business, and Pat writes about our business strategy, so I will write about what I know best – building a large-scale email hosting system.  One of my goals with this blog is to post the technical information that Pat says is too confusing to post to our company blog (you have been warned).  Some things you may find here are details about changes we make to our email hosting system, plans for the future, problems we are struggling with, moments of genius, knowledge about open source software and updates on our major projects.

In short, this is where I will unleash the vasts amounts of information that I store in my head.  Some of it factual, some of it pulled out of my ass – you are free judge.  I hope you enjoy!


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