42,641 emails in one folder

Kevin uploaded a really cool webmail fix last night… It used to be that if I had a more than a few thousand messages in a folder, I’d get an ugly IMAP error when I try to open that folder due to the size of the IMAP operations it was doing.  The fix made this process more efficient.

I just loaded one of my IMAP folders that has 42,641 emails in it and it came up in 4 seconds!  Way to go Kevin and Steve!

This fix is only in the Neptune version of webmail, which hasn’t been released to everyone yet – but if you don’t have it, its coming.

3 thoughts on “42,641 emails in one folder

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  2. T Smith

    Always a pleasure to see the improvements! I wanted to convey an issue I have run across recently:
    Some government sites are filtering out HTML email traffic due to security concerns. Unfortunately, it appears they way webmail packages and sends the data (through the webmail web interface) — the information is lost. We have assumed because of the HTML..?.. If I learn more of this, I will reply.


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