1.6% virus – Is that all?

The virus stats on our home page show that 1.6% of all emails contain a virus.  I know that number isn’t right because we’re only counting emails that actually make it to our virus scanners, and we have Postfix rules that reject a ton of viruses before it ever makes it that far.  The real virus numbers are much higher.

Postini shows a ridiculous spike in virus traffic over the past month.  Check out the “Viruses > Last Six Months” tab on their stats page.  I’d like to say that I agree with Postini’s numbers based on the rejects I’ve seen at the SMTP-level since Sober.U and Sober.Y hit the Internet.  But since our stats don’t take SMTP rejects into account, it is difficult to say exactly what real virus traffic we’re seeing.

I bet we can fix that 🙂

One thought on “1.6% virus – Is that all?

  1. Daryn

    At Spam Arrest, we’re currently seeing about 1/8 messages either failing SPF or virus-infected. That number has more than doubled in the past three months.
    We basically have to lump the numbers together since if a message fails SPF, like most of the phishing attempts do, we don’t bother with the virus check.


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